Stability bias

What is a stability bias? Stability bias is the tendency to think and act as though our access to memories is unfailing. Although empirically it has been shown that we are prone to forgetting and could benefit from future learning iterations.[1][2] Study conditions while learning and exterior influences while taking a test often influence our … Read more

How to Reset an Anki Deck? (Updated!)

A new solution to reset your Anki deck is to: Open Anki Press Browse Highlight the deck you want to reset Highlight the cards you want to reset Right-click and press “Reschedule” or Ctrl+Alt+R Old solution: to reset your Anki deck you first need to: First, open Anki. Press Browse. Highlight the deck and then … Read more

Context-dependent memory

Context-dependent memory is a psychological phenomenon that refers to the fact that we have improved access to information if we are in a context similar to the environment where we memorized the information 1. It is also known as compartmentalization – a defense mechanism in classic psychoanalytic theory or it is implicitly implied in theories … Read more

Classical Conditioning

Classical conditioning belongs to the school of learning theories termed behaviorism. Ivan Petrovich Pavlov undertook the classical demonstration of conditioning in the early 1900s. He showed how dogs could learn to associate the ringing of the bell with the presentation of food, and after a while would salivate at the sound of the bell alone. … Read more

26 Famous Psychology Case Studies

Many famous psychology case studies have been debunked. In this article, I will outline those that have withstood the test of time and those that have not. Here are the case studies: Phineas Gage – Physician John Martyn Harlow Anna O. – Breuer & Freud (1895) Cleckley‘s (1941) case studies of psychopathy (The Mask of Sanity) and multiple personality … Read more

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