Fundamental Attribution Error

image of skull with the words fundamental attribution error

Fundamental attribution error means that people tend to overestimate the importance of personality over environmental factors. It means for instance that if someone is upset then people tend to think that is because he is a person who gets upset, not because he is a person who is in an upsetting situation. Which statement is … Read more

STEM Toys for 5 Year Olds

Although admirable to get kids interested in STEM, it must be said that 5 year olds lack the ability for proper formal (scientific) thinking at that age. The ability to analyze information like an adult comes around roughly 11-12 years of age. But that does not mean you cannot introduce toys that might later help … Read more

STEM Toys for 8 Year Olds

picture of toys on a shop window

Toys can be useful for developing cognitive abilities. But! It’s important to emphasise that there is no proof that expensive toys help children learn more. If you do not have money then creatively using homemade materials like a spare piece of string and cardboard can also go a very long way. Just talking about STEM … Read more

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