How to Reset an Anki Deck? (Updated!)

A new solution to reset your Anki deck is to:

  1. Open Anki
  2. Press Browse
  3. Highlight the deck you want to reset
  4. Highlight the cards you want to reset
  5. Right-click and press “Reschedule” or Ctrl+Alt+R
image of how to reset an anki deck in new patch

Old solution: to reset your Anki deck you first need to:

  1. First, open Anki.
  2. Press Browse.
  3. Highlight the deck and then cards.
  4. Press right-click and the button to Forget.

The keyboard shortcut for Forgetting is Ctrl+Alt+N. That’s it.

Image of how to reset an Anki deck.
Screenshot of how to set an Anki deck.

IMPORTANT! This function does not seem to be available in newer Anki versions.

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