49 Anki Keyboard Shortcuts for Win & Mac

Anki shortcuts are mentioned in the manual, but the manual does not contain any. In the manual, they simply state that you can find the key combinations within the program. In this article, I have collected and outlined 49 Anki keyboard shortcuts in Windows and Mac. Here they are:

Windows Anki Keyboard Shortcuts

Anki Keyboard Shortcut WindowsFunction
CTRL+JToggle suspend or unsuspend cards
CTRL+ASelect all cards in Anki while browsing
CTRL+SHIFT+P Switch profile
CTRL+E Export
CTRL+ZCTRL+Z to undo or return to the previous card
/Study deck
FCreate filtered deck
CTRL+SHIFT+N Manage note types
FAnki manual
SpaceFlip card
1Choose a “Fail” or “Again” response to a card.
2Choose a “Hard” response to a card.**
3Choose a “Good” response to a card.**
4Choose an “Easy” response to a card.**
AOpen a new card
TabSwitch from front of card to back
Ctrl+EnterEnter card into database
Enter Skip row
Ctrl+NChange note type
Ctrl+DTarget deck
Ctrl+LCustomize card template
Ctrl+BBold text
Ctrl+IItalic text
Ctrl+UUnderline text
Ctrl+ +SuperscriptSuperscript
Ctrl+ =SubscriptSubscript quick key
Ctrl+ RRemove formatting
F7Set foreground color
F8Change color
Ctrl+Shift+CCloze deletion
F3Attach Picture
F5Record Audio
Ctrl+Shift+OAdd Image Occlusion *
Ctrl+M, MMathJax inline
Ctrl+M, EMathJax block
Ctrl+M, CMathJax chemistry
Ctrl+T, TLaTeX
Ctrl+T, ELaTeX equation
Ctrl+T, MLaTeX math env.
Ctrl+Shift+XEdit HTML
*Only available with addon
** These keys might change depending on the availability of options.

Mac Anki Keyboard Shortcuts

Anki Keyboard Shortcut Mac Function
AAdd A Card Prompt
Shift + Enter Add A Card
Cmd + Shift + CCreate A Cloze Card
Cmd + ZCmd+Z allows you to return/undo to the previous card
Cmd + N Select Card Type
Cmd + DChange Deck Type
1Difficulty Choice (Again)
2Difficulty Choice (Hard)
3Difficulty Choice (Good)
4Difficulty Choice (Easy)
SpaceDifficulty Choice (Good) Alternative
Cmd + JToggle Suspend Cards
Shift + and choose 2 cardsHow to select all cards in Anki Mac
Cmd + “+” (maybe shift)Superscript command in mac
Cmd + “-” (maybe shift)Subscript command in mac

How to change keyboard shortcuts in Anki?

To change Anki keyboard shortcuts, you need to download the Anki add-on “Customize Keyboard Shortcuts.” To download it you need to copy and paste the following code into your version of Anki: 24411424.

Image of how to change keyboard shortcuts in Anki.
Image of the sequence of actions to change keyboard shortcuts in Anki.

Helpful tips and tricks

Memory champions take methods like Anki to whole another level. In order to accelerate learning via Anki, you can use various enhancing methods. This includes concepts like developing a growth mindset, effective study methods, or equipment like ear muffs. Here you will find a short guide on how to reset your Anki deck.

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    • Hi, Ski!

      I’m using chrome and when visiting ankiuser.net/study/ there is an “edit” button in the top left corner when you start a deck for editing a card. But if you mean how you can change keyboard shortcuts then I think that’s not possible in the web browser version of the software. Does that answer your question?




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