Which one of the following statements about intelligence tests is TRUE?

a) An individual’s IQ score does not change from one testing to another.
b) All IQ tests are culturally biased to a certain extent.
c) The older the child, the less validity and reliability the test has.
d) IQ tests are ideal for assessing a person’s ability to function in society.

b) The scientific consensus is that Raven’s Progressive Matrixes is a fairly culture-fair IQ test. It requires no reading, writing, or language skills. But a scientist cannot say that it is entirely unbiased by the culture of the researcher. Possibly there are nuances that the researcher is not aware of.

a) IQ is a relatively stable construct, even over 60 years. 1 It does not change meaningfully within weeks unless some kind of pathology intervenes. But it does change during a lifetime depending on a person’s developmental stage. A retest can vary more for children because they develop faster than adults. A week for a child is a much more meaningful time than a week for an adult. 2

c) The older the child the more valid and reliable the test becomes. 2 Because the importance of genes grows and the importance of the environment decreases.

d) IQ tests are not ideal for assessing a person’s ability to function in society. Emphasis on the word “ideal”. It’s definitely not perfect, but it is one of the best, quickest and cheapest ways we have available.


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  2. Mõttus, R., Allik, J., & Realo, A. (2011). Intelligentsuse psühholoogia.

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