How to Estimate Your IQ?

The best way to estimate your IQ is to look at factors that correlate with IQ. Cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufmann points out that IQ is associated positively with family income, socioeconomic status, school and occupational performance, military training assignments, law-abidingness, healthful habits, illness, and morality. 

However, he also states that one should remain cautious and not draw definitive conclusions. For instance, you can be both poor and ill and still have a high IQ. Because there are many factors at play. Not the least of which is mathematical uncertainty.

If you are the best in your class or advanced in your professional career then that might be a sign of high IQ. Notice that I say might because life and IQ are complex. It is important to remember that this is an estimate. A rough approximation. In fact, some recent research put forward that the correlation between IQ and job complexity is not that strong and is based on weak data. 2

Image of how to estimate your IQ.
Image of how to estimate your IQ – IQ correlations with college majors 1


  2. Richardson, K., & Norgate, S. H. (2015). Does IQ really predict job performance?. Applied Developmental Science19(3), 153-169. 10.1080/10888691.2014.983635

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